Education Industry


Felda Prodata Systems Sdn Bhd is dedicated to helping colleges and universities transform in response to an ever-evolving higher education landscape. Today, students have more choices than ever in deciding which institution will best help them achieve their academic and career goals. At the same time, schools are facing increased enrolment challenges in the face of this competition. To succeed, you need to recruit and engage a broader spectrum of constituents and keep students on the path to graduation.

More institutions are competing for fewer students. Budgets are shrinking. Financial aid eligibility is being tied more to student outcomes. And those students? They are digital natives, traditional and non-traditional students alike seeking greater flexibility in fulfilling their goals. This generation of students expects institutions to provide education as a service.

As a higher education administrator, you are expected to rein in budgets and reallocate funds, yet grow academic programs. You’re forecasting enrolments and projecting faculty headcount, while trying to reduce administrative costs. Your department needs greater data visibility to improve operational efficiency, but it must also maintain audit standards and compliance reporting schedules. To overcome these challenges, you want an administrative solution designed for higher education that enables you to transform operations and optimize resources.

This is where Prodata comes in. By providing a powerful solution like CampusNexus CRM, CampusNexus STUDENT and CampusNexus HR-FINANCE-PAYROLL, we can help you transform in this new world, one that provides a comprehensive view of each constituent, and helps you achieve goals for recruitment, retention, student outcomes, and alumni relations.

Students can have programs that fit their busy lives, rather than ones fixed to the traditional academic calendar. Now you can transform your institution to serve the needs of students today and tomorrow with a proven and highly adaptable student information system.