SAP-ERP Consulting

FGV Prodata's comprehensive enterprise resource management solutions are based on industry leading enterprise applications. It helps in transforming your enterprise functions to be agile, cost-effective and focused on supporting your business objectives."

Managed Services

Our Managed Services allows organisations to focus on what they do best – their core business – while benefiting from an IT managed service tailored to their business needs. We help to keep the burden of running IT in-house to a minimum, freeing up IT personnel to concentrate on more customer focused projects.    

Broadband Services

FGV Prodata provides a complete enterprise networking system design & consultation services as well as its implementation which also includes WIFI services, Managed Services and Network Security. FGV Prodata also managed the design and implementation of telecommunications towers and land management.


Plantation System

In an increasingly competitive global-agribusiness market, maintaining sustainable production efficiency is a competitive advantage. FGV Prodata plantation management solutions are designed to automate plantation operational processes to enhance efficiency, improve control and streamline costs by providing management the actionable insights into operation, production and expenditures easily and quickly.