Felda NextGen Email (NextGen) is a Unified Communication and Collaboration services that are centrally managed at Prodata. The service combines channels of communication via e-mail, video, audio conferencing, instant messaging, fax and SMS.In addition to the above, NextGen enables sharing of information through the Collaborative Portal and Felda NextGen portal.

NextGen implemented as cost-saving measures through integrated collaborative communications which all Felda group of companies can liaise and undertake projects in communication systems offered by NextGen.


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Fuel Feeding Map Screen


NextGen Services

       EmailApplication that allows users to communicate with each other via e-mail.

       Unified Communication (UC) Allows users to communicate directly through text, voice call, video call and sharing files online.

       TelePresence Application that enables discussions and meetings take place in virtual in high definition (HD)

       Portal and Social Media Consisting of NextGen Portal, Collaborative Portal and IPMS.

       Add-on Value NextGen provide Add-On Value such as E-mail Archiving, Big Mail Transfer (BMT), Single Sign On (SSO), ADRMS, E-maill Relay (SMTP), Secured E-mail


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7 Benefit of Felda NextGen Email

       NextGen is safe to use for which it is fully controlled by Prodata.

       NextGen is part of Prodata cloud service system which is placed in the Felda Prodata Data Center using FeldaNet network services.

       The security service is fully monitored by the Malaysian Government Security Operations Center (MyGSoc).

       Anti-spam and antivirus implemented to filter email content and fend off viruses and malicious code.

       ICT management cost savings.

       The application of green technology initiatives.

       Increased efficiency of communications matters



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