Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an umbrella concept that combines all business contributions to the economy, society, and to the environment. It involves voluntary initiatives from companies which go beyond the legal requirements of corporate responsibility. CSR covers the implementation of responsible business practices both internally (within the company), and externally (within the community, society, or in less developed nations). What distinguishes it from more traditional charitable activities is its integration into a company's broader business strategy.

At Prodata, we acknowledge that our success is not measured solely by our financial performance, but in entirely by our accomplishments as a group throughout the facets of the communities in which we operate. Therefore, we are committed in ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all who are affected by our business operations. We are committed, as a company and as individuals, in obeying the laws, respecting the cultures, and having a positive impact on the lives of the people and environment in which we live and work, and focus to help propel the nation forward.

We demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility specifically through our core activities, in hope that the impact of our projects extends beyond our scope to enrich the lives of the community directly and indirectly.



Bridging The Digital Divide


Realizing that the acceptance and assimilation of technology in daily routines is unavoidable. Also in-line with our government's agenda in targeting a 90-percent online usage of its services among the public by 2015. One of the initiatives is Malaysia's National Broadband Plan aims at increasing household broadband internet penetration from 26% to 50%, thereby enabling "Connected Government", an initiative launched in 2007 for zero face-to-face interaction to boost information sharing, integration, and interoperability amongst government bodies and the public Government portals help people access their services easily, from anywhere and at any time. We believe that this should the same in FELDA. In fact, as modern and structured communities, FELDA communities should be the leader in this initiative. As part of our initiatives, we have targeted to take ICT skills education and infrastructure straight to them.



Young Adults ICT Development Program


Spearhead by Knowledge Development Unit, the objective of this program is to equip the less fortunate young adults in FELDA communities with ICT skills. Besides running the main initiatives which are funded by FELDA and Yayasan FELDA, we also organized free ICT skills training for FELDA communities. Thousands of youngsters have been trained under this initiative which has the objectives of:
Enabled Students to meet future and current employment requirements
•  Provided ICT skills, personal development skills, and independent living skills
•  Enabled students to overcome day-to-day obstacles
• Provided lifelong skills for deserving youngsters and enhanced their future career prospects



Internship Program


The objective is to support the development of young adults by improving their competencies and marketability to find employment. We provide internship for graduates from a wide range of degrees background, not limited to technical, finance, accounting, and business.